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Impulse, Collision And Centre Of Mass


1. Impulse and Impulse-Momentum Theorem


The impulse given by a force is the product of force and its duration. The momentum of a particle is the product of its mass and velocity. What is the relation between impulse given to a particle and momentum acquired by it? Why does a fielder pull his hands backwards after taking a sharp catch? Why would a tightrope walker prefer to show her tricks on a sandy beach? On what basis can we develop the famous rocket equation? The video lecture “ Impulse-Momentum Theorem” answers some of these questions, and more.

2. Collision

3. Motion of A Body of Variable Mass

4. Motion of A Rocket

5. Problems on Motion of a Rocket

6. Principle of Conservation of Linear Momentum and Some Applications


The principle of momentum conservation follows from impulse-momentum theorem and Newton's third law. What is a system and what are its surroundings? What are internal and external forces? Why does a gun recoil at the moment of firing? Why does a boat drift as a man walks on it? What is the use of a propeller in an aircraft? How can you reach the bank if stranded in the middle of a frozen pool? The video lecture “Principle of Conservation of Linear Momentum” answers some of these questions, and more.

7. Problems on Principle of Linear Momentum Conservation

8. Mathematical Study of one-Dimensional Collision I


When two particles collide, they come together for a short time and exert large forces on each other producing abrupt change in motion of at least one particle. What is the mechanism of collision? What is line of impact and how does it determine the dimension of a collision? What is coefficient of restitution and how does it determine whether a collision would be elastic or not? If a billiard ball hits another one initially at rest, with what speed will the second ball start? The video lecture “ Collision in One Dimension” answers some of these questions, and more.

9. Mathematical Study of One-Dimensional Collision II

10. Mathematical Study of Two-Dimensional Collision

11. More Problems on Collision

12. Centre of Mass

13. Finding Centres of Mass of Uniform Rigid Bodies By Inspection

14. Finding Centres of Mass of Rigid Bodies By Integration I

15. Finding Centres of Mass of Rigid Bodies By Integration II

16. Motion of a System of Particles